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Your health and the health of those around you is highly dependent upon the quality of the air you breathe. All Care AC wants to ensure that the air you and your loved one's breathe is of the highest quality possible. Advancements in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products available today can make your home virtually germ free.

Most homes have mold, bacteria, fumes from household products, particulates and other contaminants in the environment and the newer homes have been built with a focus on keeping the home as air tight as possible. The result is that we continuously breathe the same potentially contaminated air over and over.

All Care AC technicians can provide products ranging from electronic air cleaners to Ultra Violet light systems to keep your indoor air clean and germ free.

Filter Cleaning
All home comfort systems contain some sort of filtration. The filters should be changed twice a year to insure good clean air flow through your house. BHP offers many types of filtration including the traditional and inexpensive fiber filters as well as the more efficient pleated air filters.

Electronic Cleaners
Today indoor air quality has become a major concern for many people. The average person spends 90% of their time indoors breathing the same air. Electronic Air Cleaners can remove 98% of all contaminants that are flowing through your system. These filters use an electronic charge and traps even the tiniest of particles onto a washable collector plate. With these cleaners you never need to change your filters, just take them out and wash them.

UV Light Systems
Another new product available now is Ultra Violet Light systems placed in the air duct system. These lights will kill any contaminants in the air. They are especially effective on mold and other bacteria in your homes environment. These lights will last for a few years giving you a safer healthier home.

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